Thursday, December 10, 2009

iphone 3G case

I recently jumped on the bandwagon and purchased an iphone. The best investment EVER!

Just about everyone knows (especially if you own one) that you CAN NOT get insurance on an iphone. Well, you can, but for $15 a month if you purchase it at Best Buy. So a case is a necessary purchase for your phone.

Me being the frugal person that I am, said "No!" to the $30+ cases at Best Buy and decided to order one online. I found a very simple case. Black in color. Slim. Not to pricey. Perfect for me.

But in my search I came across this:

iPhone 3G / 3GS recession case
(is the literal name)

How funny is that? You can really order it. It comes with instructions and the option of "Sharpie Script" personalization.

Here is the information from the website :

iPhone 3G / 3GS recession case

Tough times call for tough cases and that's where the recession case comes in! The recession case lets you keep cash in your pocket without sacrificing on unique design for your beloved iPhone! But just in case one isn't enough we have the BAILOUT BUNDLE - 10 cases for $7.99 or the STIMULUS PACKAGE - 30 cases for $14.99!

We are now offering FREE “Sharpie Script “personalization on the recession case! Just leave “Albertus Medium” selected and you will get your very own personalized recession case! If ordering a bundle we will personalize the first case.

FREE Standard Shipping to the U.S.!

Don't have the spare change to buy a recession case? Download the template!

Looking for some more protection? Check out our new I.D. Case

$0.99 Recession Case Bailout Bundle Stimulus Package

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